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Our wedding on a budget

It's our seventh wedding anniversary next month and our wedding was done on a tight budget - we spent a total of £3,500! 
Here's what we did to keep the cost down:

Registry Office Ceremony
We married at our local registry office, and arranged it so our ceremony was the last of the day at 3pm (so that we could get away without having a sit down wedding breakfast, and just have one buffet for everyone).

Wedding reception venue
We used the village hall in the village where we lived, we were able to get a discount too. We decorated the hall ourselves the night before, we hired linen for the tables, and bought table confetti etc from eBay, and had balloon decorations made by a local company for a small cost.

We had a banner made online which we displayed on the inside of the village hall so guests knew they'd come to the right venue.

We put together a slide show of pictures of us and we were able to use the projector in the hall to share our photos with our guests.
We made a chest for …
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